Importance Of Houses

All the students of our school are classified into four houses. They are Golden, Diamond, Ruly and Platinum house. Each house has it's own house Mistress/Masters and a group of house teacher. Different activities and competition are conducted among houses throughout the session.

House system play an important role in overall development of student. Various duties such as Assembly, Discipline, Cleanliness, English speaking are allotted to the particular houses. Assembly activities include presentation of news, article and other information prepared by students. It develops sense of awareness towards national and global happenings. These activities and duties develop several skills among the students.

Each house consist of students from class 1'st to 12'th. It shows the unity and cooperation among them. Election of house captain develops leadership skill. It makes the students participative and initiative. During the various competitions which are conducted throughout the session as part of CCE these houses compete with each other with full zeal & enthusiasm and show team spirit. Overall it develops the whole personality of the students.